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"A tour de force for the brilliantly talented Charly Chiarelli. The cast couldn't have been a more perfect ensemble" 

Loved the movie! Every Italian immigrant should bring their families and grandchildren to see it and then talk about their own story!!

Fantastic movie. I enjoyed it very much. The acting was wonderful....Charley, you were amazing! Loved the scenery! The message was very clear! Have recommended it to my friends and family! I wish much success to the film and the actors!

I had the opportunity today to see a movie that really moved me! “Road To The Lemon Grove”. This movie is a must for all Immigrants, Italian, Sicilians in particular. Being of Sicilian decent, having visited the island many times, reinforced my culture. All acting was fabulous especially Charly’s acting, nothing less than spectacular! Once Again Congratulations Charly Chiarelli, you are blessed with God Given Talent! SUCH A TOUCHING MOVIE!

Great movie. Great performance by Charly. The Sicilian culture was portrayed beautifully.

Good acting from the lead roles ... inviting scenery was gratis. Depicts challenges faced by new immigrant families while maintaining old family traditions. Indeed entertaining.

ROAD TO THE LEMON GROVE ... I had the pleasure to see this incredible movie? Being fully immersed in Sicilian culture, I was extremely motivated to see this film. I was very moved by the entire experience. I strongly recommend everyone to see it ... whether you are Italian (Sicilian) or not. The life lessons learned are for everyone. Honoring the wishes of parents, respecting our values and our culture and opening our hearts are just a few of the heartwarming discoveries we make while watching this movie. My husband, who is not Italian, joined me to view the movie. On the drive home, he was raving on how much he enjoyed the movie, and the he said something that he never says after a movie... "I wouldn't mind going to see that again".... and we did two days later. This time we took 12 of our friends...they all loved it too. Thank you Charly Chiarelli

The flawless acting of Charly Chiarelli who plays multiple roles (father Antonio and son Calogero) is beyond perfection. Playing both roles was an intense part and could not have been easy, but the superb acting makes you forget they are both the same person. All the actors play their roles meticulously and with such emotion. The movie being filmed in Hamilton and Sicily, brought our Sicilian/Italian/Canadian community to relive their heritage and the beloved home they left back home to find a better life in another country.

I absolutely love this movie! It was a witty look into someone’s quest into the pearly gates with beautiful scenery catchy music and fun characters. I want to see it again!

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