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SCROOGISSIMO features Charly as “Ebenezu Scrugi”,

a Christmas-hating old Hamiltonian from Racalmuto, Sicily, who finds himself haunted by three ghosts of the Past, Present and Future. Performed by the Artword Ensemble, an acting company that has been working in Hamilton under Weihs’s direction since 2008. In addition to Chiarelli and Sero, the company includes Pamela Gardner, Paula Grove, Valeri Kay, Gordon Odegaard, and Jeremy Shand. Musical support for Scroogissimo will be provided by Tim Ninehouse (keyboard), leader of the blues trio Beg to Differ.

SCROOGISSIMO  (The Play from the book of the same name)

Scroogissimo Paperback – Nov. 22 2018

by Charly Chiarelli (Author), Ryan Sero (Author)


A zany Christmas play based on the Dickens classic,

A Christmas Carol, and a perennial favorite at Artword Artbar, in Hamilton Ontario. "Ebenezo Scroogi" is a crusty old Sicilian from the Hamilton's Sicilian North End, who thinks Christmas is an "umbaggo".


The Ghost of Christmas Past flies him back to his home town of Racalmuto, and then back for a party thrown by "Don Fezziwiggi", whose business is "none of your business".

Christmas Present is a glamorous Sicilian mama, and Christmas Future is a silent clown who communicates by honking a bicycle horn.


Scroogi is played by Charly Chiarelli, whose one-man shows about growing up Sicilian in Hamilton have been seen across Canada, in Europe, and shown as films on television.

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